Komodo Boat Trip 4 Days 3 Nights from Lombok

Komodo boat trips offer a variety of tour packages. You can join the ones leaving Bali, Labuan Bajo, and Lombok. Our Komodo Boat Trip 4 Days 3 Nights from Lombok is one of the recommended boat trips to Komodo.

The Komodo Island tour from Lombok is scheduled 3 times a week. They are on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. These boat trips depart in the morning at 11.30 am from Bangsal, North Lombok, and from Kayangan, East Lombok.

If you want to join this Komodo tour package from Lombok, you can find some street vendors in Lombok. You can also make an online booking through Komodo Wisata Tours in West Lombok or Gili Islands.

Places to Visit:

  • Kanawa Island
  • Saleh Bai
  • Rinca Island
  • Padar Island
  • Long Pink Beach
  • Manjarite Island
  • Kelor Island

Komodo Boat Trip 4 Days 3 Nights from Lombok Schedule and Hotel Transfers

In general, the Komodo island boat trip from Lombok offers 3 departures in a week. These departures can start from North Lombok or from East Lombok. Hotel transfers are provided for Gili Islands and Lombok. You can also request a pick-up from Kuta Lombok.

Below are the schedules for the Komodo sailing trip from Lombok:

  • Departure from Bangsal (North Lombok) is at 11.30 am every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Pick up from Gili Island harbor between 07.30-08.00 am using the outrigger boat and you will drop by the Bangsal office. If you are in Senggigi, the pick-up will be provided from 10.00 – 10.30 am.
  • Departure from Kayangan Harbor (East Lombok) is at 14.00 every Wednesday and Saturday. Pick up from Gili Islands at 07.30 am and then drive to Senggigi (meeting point). At 11.30 am, you will leave Senggigi and continue to Labuan Lombok (Kayangan, East Lombok). You will depart at 14.00 from Kayangan.

You can also contact your agency if you don’t find any schedules that suit your holiday plan.

Places to visit on your Komodo Tour from Lombok

During the Komodo sailing boat from Lombok, you will visit some recommended destinations. You will enjoy doing your activities at each destination.

Below are the places to visit during this the 4 Day Komodo adventure tour from Lombok:
  1. Kanawa Island. It is a small island located between Lombok and Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara. The island is Savanah, a small hill with a spectacular view. You can trek to the top for a great view, swim, snorkel, and have a sunset is the best you can do on the island.
  2. Saleh Bai is a place where you will be able to see whale sharks. Here you will snorkeling to see the whale sharks.
  3. Moyo Island. It is probably one of the best destinations you will visit. Enjoy snorkeling and swimming on the untouched coral reef. The island leaves its nature. Here you can also visit Mata Jitu waterfall, jumping and swimming on this most beautiful waterfall in Sumbawa.
  4. Manta Point is located in Komodo National Park. This is the first place to visit after Moyo Island. It is the best place to see Manta Rays. You will be snorkeling and swimming here, and you will also find the Manta Rays.
  5. Pink Beach is located in the North of Komodo Island. It is a popular beach with its pink sandy beach. You can snorkel, swim, and lounge on the beach.
  6. Komodo Island. It is an island where you can find the Komodo Dragons. You will trek for approximately 2 hours to find the Komodo.
  7. Padar Island is located in Komodo National Park. The island offers a spectacular view and great island formation. Hiking to the top to find great scenery.
  8. Kelor Island is best for snorkeling, swimming, and hiking. Enjoy your day on the island.
  9. Manjarite Beach is the best snorkeling spot in Komodo National Park. It is an island called Manjarite which offers a great underwater world, untouched corals, and white sandy beaches.
  10. Your last stop is in Labuan Bajo. Our team will drop you here. The trip is finished, farewell party, enjoy your day.

What do you get when joining this trip?

Below are the services you get when joining this trip:

  • Boat trip 4 days 3 nights from Lombok to Komodo National Park (one way)
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Coffee, mineral water, and tea
  • Entrance fees
  • English speaking guide

Boat Facilities:

  • Shared toilet (standard)
  • Shared Deck
  • Standard Cabin Room with Fan
  • Lower deck

This tour price is $256.42 per person for deck class. If you want the cabin room, it will cost you $306.42 per person. The cabin room is a standard room with a fan. Otherwise, you will stay on the deck with the other members.

At the moment, the company runs two boats. So when you join the tour, you can be on any of their boats. You can also request to depart from any port listed such as Bangsal or Kayangan.

Book your Komodo boat trip from Lombok in advance, otherwise, you can join the Komodo tour from Labuan Bajo. The Komodo island tour from Labuan Bajo also provides 4 days Komodo trip. You can join that one if you don’t get the one that leaves from Lombok.

Tour packages from Lombok are available for online booking, while if you are difficult to find, you can contact us. Otherwise, you can find some street vendors in Lombok or Gili Islands. Check out also the best tour of Labuan Bajo from Lombok.

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