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Komodo Tour Packages from Labuan Bajo offer the best tour activities for your Komodo National Park trips. There are a variety of tour arrangements that you can choose from. Our tour guide is working professionally for your memorable trip.

Komodo National Park is the place where more than 4.000 Komodo Dragons are living. Komodo Dragons are known as the largest lizard in the world. A Komodo can go up to 3 meters in length and weigh 100kg. Life expectancy is approximately 50 years.

Our Komodo tour package will allow you to explore all the beautiful destinations in Komodo National Park. You can choose the best tour packages that suit your budget from Labuan Bajo Bali and Lombok. Our team will ensure that you will be satisfied in joining the tour package.

Komodo Tour Packages from Labuan Bajo

Below are our most recommended Komodo tours that you can consider booking:

  • Full Day Komodo Tour from Labuan Bajo. The tour will use a high speedboat from Labuan Bajo and you will visit 6 places in Komodo National Park including Komodo Dragon adventures. You will be picked up at 05.30 am from your hotel and will depart at 06.00 am from the dock of Labuan Bajo.
  • 2 Days 1 Night Komodo Liveaboard. It is one of the recommended Komodo tour packages. The tour is based on private service. You will go on a Phinisi boat and will explore 6 to 7 destinations in Komodo National Park.
  • 3 Day-2 Night Komodo Tour is the most popular tour arrangement to Komodo National Park. The tour has 2 ways to do the tour; private tour and shared Komodo tour. If you go on a private tour, you will be able to customize the places to visit. Meanwhile, in a shared tour package, you will go with a group of 20 participants. The places to visit are based on itinerary.
  • 4 Days Komodo Explore is one of the best private Komodo island tours from Labuan Bajo. This tour will visit 13 places in Komodo National Park, including Rinca and Komodo island.

All tour packages are available for departure from Labuan Bajo. We provide comfortable boats and professional tour guides. For more details on our Komodo tour arrangements, you can visit us at Komodo Island Tour. There you can also find a variety of other tour arrangements.

What do you get when you book Tours with us?

Here are the things you will get when you book a Komodo tour package with us:

  • Boat trips (private and shared), depending on the tour package you choose
  • Hotel and airport transfers are available in Labuan Bajo
  • Meals (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Professional Tour Guide
  • Professional Boat Crew and Captain
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Mineral water, tea, and coffee

Some of the tour packages also have a free Komodo National Park entrance fee. It depends on the tour packages you book.

Komodo Island Tour Package Prices

Komodo tour package prices range from $50 to $6000, it can go more, depending on the activities you book. All Komodo tour packages are suitable for all travel styles. We accommodate all the best tour packages to Komodo to meet your satisfaction.

If you are budgeting, we recommend going on shared group tours. The tour package can cost you $50 per person for a day tour with an open deck boat. You will go on a small group of about 4 to 10 people on the boat.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to go on a crowd, you can book a Komodo private boat tour. This tour will allow you to choose your own destination in Komodo National Park. You can prefer to go on a day tour or overnight tour packages.

The Best Way to Get to Komodo National Park

Here are the best ways to get to Komodo National Park:

  • Flight from Bali, Jakarta, or anywhere in Indonesia to Labuan Bajo and then book a boat tour from Labuan Bajo
  • Book a sailing boat from Lombok, it takes 4 days and 3 nights trip. You will stop at some beautiful destinations beyond Lombok and Sumbawa
  • Bus from Bali or Lombok and then get on the ferry from Sape to Labuan Bajo for 8 hours
  • Pelni from Bali and Lombok. This big ship is only operating 2 times a month.

Tips to Visit Komodo National Park

Below are some tips when you visit Komodo National Park:

  1. Most of the islands in Komodo National Park are dry, you are not recommended to smoke on the island
  2. The National Park is very hot, you are recommended to wear sunglasses, casual wear, sun scream, and a hat. Make yourself comfortable.
  3. Wear sports or trekking shoes
  4. Komodo Dragon is a monitoring lizard, they are predators. They can run 20km per hour, so follow all the ranger’s instructions during the tour.
  5. Do not wear red clothes
  6. Women in their period are not allowed to enter the island
  7. Baby Komodo are often on the trees, please take care
  8. Do not scream, keep quiet during the Komodo adventure
  9. Do not leave any trash on the islands
  10. You cannot visit the Komodo National Park alone, make sure you always go with rangers

If you find any problems during the trip, please contact your ranger or tour guide nearby.

The Best Time to Visit Komodo National Park

Indonesia is a tropical country. There are  2 seasons all year; dry season and rainy season. The rainy season is coming from October to March, while the dry season is from April to September. Most prefer to visit Komodo National Park from April to September and November to the end of December.

If you expect to see the meeting time of Komodo Dragons, you need to visit the beginning of May to the end. During this period the Komodo Dragons are mating time. You can visit both of the islands; Rinca and Komodo Island. These two islands are recognized as the best place to spot Komodo Dragons.

All you need to do is make an advance booking to get a space. The recommended time is a minimum of two weeks until the departure date. Our team will provide the best arrangements for your Komodo tour from Labuan Bajo.