Bali to Komodo Island Tours

Bali to Komodo Island Tours

Bali to Komodo Island tours are one of our best Komodo tour packages. This tour means you will not stay overnight in a hotel in Labuan Bajo. Bali to Komodo island tours will start on the same day you arrive in Labuan Bajo. Once you arrive at the airport, our team will pick you up and redirect you to the boat.

We offer a variety of Komodo island tours from Bali such as a full-day Komodo island tour and many more. At Komodo Wisata, you are free to choose the tour package you want to book. We have listed a variety of packages at the best prices.  Check out our online list of Komodo tour packages.

Visiting the Komodo National Park can be very hard sometimes. We suggest you make a reservation in advance to get a better arrangement. There are some reliable tour companies where you can book your Komodo tours. Most of them offer arranged tours from Labuan Bajo.

Komodo Tours Online Bookings

At the moment, there are a lot of online travel agencies for Komodo island tour packages. They offer a variety of tour packages and prices. They also offer some discounts, especially in the low season. Find a reliable tour company to book your trip to Komodo.

Tour packages from Bali will visit the most recommended destinations in Komodo National Park. You will do a Komodo adventure on Rinca and Komodo Island and hike for a great view of Padar Island.

Here on the following list are some of the best places to visit:

  • Komodo Island. This island is the place where the Komodo Dragons are living. Here, you will go hiking for approximately 2 ½ hours to find the Komodo Dragons.
  • Rinca Island is another island where you can also find the Komodo Dragons.
  • Padar Island seems to be the iconic island in Komodo National Park. The island formation and the spectacular view are interesting things to enjoy on this island. You can spend it at sunset or sunrise here.
  • Pink Sandy Beach is a beach where you can relax on your Komodo trip. The beach is coral fragmentation that brings a sandy beach. Very best for relaxing, swimming, and snorkeling.
  • Manta Point is a place where you can snorkel with Manta Rays. You will find schools of Manta rays here.
  • Gili Lawa, Kelor Island, and Kanawa Island offer spectacular views with sandy beaches and crystal clear water. On these islands, you will also hike for a great view.

There are many more places to visit in Komodo National Park. Each of the tour packages offers different destinations to visit. For tour arrangements, you can visit the Komodo Wisata tour for details and prices.

Flores Komodo Tour packages

Besides Komodo Island tour packages from Labuan Bajo, Komodo Wisata Travel also offer the Flores Komodo tour package. These types of tour packages are a combination of Flores and Komodo tours.

We accommodate the best selection of Flores tour Packages for your great holiday planning. Most of the combined Komodo tours are departing from Labuan Bajo. There are many tour combinations to offer, such as 7 days Flores Komodo tour and many more. For details on combination tour packages, you can search online.

As a legitimate travel company, we only work as a professional tour guides for your best vacation. We have a fully trained team that is providing the quickest response to your query. Our guides are mostly experienced with more than 10 years in the field.

Komodo Island Population

Komodo Island is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The island is famous for Komodo Dragons and beautiful beaches on the Northside of the Island. There are over 1000 people on the island, most of them working as fishermen. There is no such work on the farm due to the island being the inhabitant of Komodo Dragons.

Since the rise of tourism, some of the population has taken part in tourism activity. They are working rangers or tour guides. Some of them open small businesses such as tourist boat transfers and many more. They have been living on the island for many more years.

The people on Komodo are mostly from the Bugis tribe from Sulawesi. Some of them are from Bima, West Nusa tenggara. They supply the fish on Labuan Bajo and beyond. People are around the activity between Labuan Bajo and Komodo Island.

On Komodo Island, you will find many Western restaurants and accommodations. There are only small warungs where you can find local foods like Nasi Bungkus. In Warungs, you will find some mineral waters and soft drinks to buy. There are also some traditional materials selling on the island, and some of the t-shirts are also available here.

Komodo Tour Package Prices

The fact is Komodo island tour prices are quota to change every time. It depends on the season and the package you book. There are a variety of tour packages that you can book such as the Komodo island tour from the cruise ship. Other tour packages are also available from Labuan Bajo and Bali.

Our average prices are from $50 to $3000. The most popular packages to book are 3 days Komodo tour and a one-day Komodo tour. We also offer the best price for private tours and Komodo boat charters. For details, books, and the best offers, visit Komodo Tour Travel in Labuan Bajo Flores.

Komodo Island is now one of the popular destinations in Indonesia. The island is recognized as the New 7 Wonder of Nature. There are living the largest lizard on earth, the Komodo dragon. The island is dry and hot, and some beaches are on the Northside of the Island.

Our Komodo tour prices are not inclusive of the Komodo National Park fees. So you need to pay extra for the Park fees of about $500 per person. This amount is changing due to government policy. If you go on the weekend, you will get a bit more expensive than on workdays.

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